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If the string of characters <v2.00><e1>@$: appears in your output file, it means that the Xpress Tags Filter used by your internal Quark is either not enabled or working improperly. To see which of these 2 possibilities is the case :


1.Go to the topic that deals with the xtensions used by the internal QuarkXPress, and make sure that the Xpress Tags Filter is enabled.


2.Try generating your diary again.


3.If the problem persists, go to the c:\qpp\xpp4\xtension\ folder (if you are not using QuarkXPress 4, replace the 4 by the corresponding version number) and make sure that only one copy of the file XPress Tags Filter.XNT exists, and that no copy of this file is found in the c:\qpp\xpp4\xtension disabled folder. If there are 2 copies of this file, keep the most recent and makee sure that it is located in the c:\qpp\xpp4\xtension\ folder.


Note that this issue can arise even if you do not use Xpress tags explicitely (in macros or minicalendars, for example), since Q++Studio also uses Xpress tags internally to replace some special characters and to format line endings in GenTokens Options.

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