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When you select a Template in the Templates Explorer, Q++Studio displays information about it as a Template, and the GridTemplate from which it originated, in the Template Information Panel which occupies the bottom half of the screen.



Template Information Toolbar


There are 3 buttons on the Template Information Toolbar.



Regenerate can be used to regenerate the GridTemplate, as a QuarkXPress file, from the database. This is useful if the original GridTemplate was deleted or damaged.

View opens the current GridTemplate in QuarkXPress.

Used in script: lists all the scripts that use the selected template.


Below these buttons, you will find information about the creation and last modification dates of both the selected GridTemplate and Template.


Template Colors


Further down is a list of colors defined in the current GridTemplate (the default Quark system colors, those which cannot be deleted, are identified by a grey background).


Right-click on this grid

to copy the list of colors

and values to the clipboard.


Click on any of the column headers to sort the color list accordingly.


The numerical value to the right of each color name corresponds to the RGB value associated with each color and is the one that must be used if you want to change colors in a macro as part of the macro resulting actions.


However, we do not recommend using a color's RGB value, as this can change from one workstation to the next, based on the QuarkXPress preferences of that workstation. To change text color in a macro, we recommend using the function FormatText and using the COLOR() text attribute with the name of the color.


Template Previews


To the right are thumbnail pictures of each page of the scanned template. When you change preview page, the list of all the textboxes in that page gets updated. Similarly, when you select one of the textboxes in the list, a textual preview of the textbox contents appears in the rightmost part of the information panel.


Additional Template Properties


To edit the properties of a template, select it in the templates explorer, and click on the Properties button.