Central American Public Holidays

• Bermuda (Jun 1) Bermuda Amends 2018 Public Holidays   • Switzerland (May 31) Switzerland March 19 Schwyz Public Holiday Maintained   • Zimbabwe (May 31) Zimbabwe Electoral Public Holiday Gazetted   • Bolivia (May 30) Bolivian Public Holidays May 31   • Paraguay (May 30) Paraguay Public Holiday June 11   • Côte d'Ivoire (May 29) Ivory Coast 2018 Lailatoul Kadr Public Holiday   • Dominican Republic (May 28) Dominican Republic Public Holiday May 31   • Samoa (May 28) Samoan Public Holidays June 1 and 4   • Vietnam (May 28) Vietnam 2019 Public Holidays Update   • Venezuela (May 27) Venezuelan Bank Holiday June 4   • Mauritius (May 26) Mauritius 2019 Public Holidays Announced   • Nigeria (May 25) Nigerian 2018 Democracy Day Public Holiday   • Slovakia (May 25) Slovakian 2018 Public Holidays Amended   • Latvia (May 24) Latvia May 1 Public Holiday Swap Update   • Romania (May 23) Romania Rules-Out Extended May Public Holidays   • Gambia (May 22) Gambian Public Holiday May 25   • Guinea (May 22) Guinea Conakry Public Holiday May 25   • Spain (May 22) Spain 2019 Andalucia Public Holidays Announced   • Suriname (May 21) Suriname 145th Indian Arrival Anniversary Public Holiday   • Turkey (May 21) Turkey Amends 2019, 2021 and 2022 Public Holidays   • India (May 20) India Nagaland Public Holiday May 28   • Côte d'Ivoire (May 19) Ivory Coast Public Holiday May 21   • Spain (May 19) Spain 2019 Valencia Public Holidays Announced     Previous dates: here

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Below are links to the national lists of Public Holidays in Central America, for 2018, which can be viewed online, free of charge, for non-professional use. International public holidays dates for 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and beyond, are available under license to qualified professionals.


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