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Bank and Public Holidays for Turkey

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Turkey bank holidays, national holidays and public holidays for the remainder of 2014, from the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database, the professional source of international public holidays long trusted by the world's foremost diary publishers. The information on this page is provided for private, non-professional, use.

May ⇒ Dec. 2014

Holiday Name Observance*
Thu Labor and Solidarity Day
Mon Ataturk Memorial, Youth and Sports Day
* Sun Ramazan Bayramy Eve Afternoon
Mon Ramazan Bayramy (End of Ramadan)
Tue Ramazan Bayramy Holiday
Wed Ramazan Bayramy Holiday
Sat Victory Day
Fri Kurban Bayramy Eve
Sat Kurban Bayramy (Feast of Sacrifice)
Sun Kurban Bayramy Holiday
Mon Kurban Bayramy Holiday
Tue Kurban Bayramy Holiday
* Tue Republic Day Eve Afternoon
Wed Republic Day
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Recent News and Updates

01 Oct 2014 Turkey Extends 2014 Eid al-Adha Public Holidays (Hürriyet Daily News-Istanbul) The government of Turkey has declared the morning of Friday, October 3, 2014, as an "administrative holiday" public sector holiday to link the weekend with the upcoming Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) public holiday which was set to begin on the afternoon of Friday, October 3, 2014.  21 Mar 2013 Turkey Nevruz Public Holiday Update 2013 (Hürriyet Daily News-Istanbul) Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister, Bülent Arinç, has raised hopes that Nevruz would soon be declared a non-working public holiday in Turkey, when he noted yesterday that Nevruz is "not yet an official holiday" in Turkey.  03 May 2012 Turkey Changes Public Holidays Observance (Hürriyet Daily News-Istanbul) A national holidays circular, jointly prepared by the Prime Ministry, General Staff and the ministries of education, culture and tourism, and youth and sports, has been approved by Turkey's president, following the recent review of the extent of the celebrations linked to most of Turkey's national public holidays.  16 Jan 2012 Turkey Tones-Down Public Holidays (Hürriyet Daily News-Istanbul) The government of Turkey has announced that it plans to review and tone-down the extent of the celebrations linked to most of Turkey's national public holidays.  12 Nov 2010 Turkey Declares November 15 Public Holiday (Hürriyet Daily News-Istanbul) The government of Turkey has declared the morning of Monday, November 15, 2010, as an "administrative holiday" public sector holiday to link the weekend with the Feast of the Sacrifice public holiday which will begin on the afternoon of Monday, November 15, 2010.  23 Mar 2010 Turkey Nevruz Public Holiday Update (Hürriyet Daily News-Istanbul) At Sunday's open air celebration of Nevruz at Kazliçesme in Istanbul’s Zeytinburnu district, Siirt BDP Deputy Osman Özçelik, repeated the call for March 21 be declared an annual official non-working public holiday in Turkey.  24 Oct 2009 Turkey Declares October 30 School Closure (Hürriyet Daily News-Istanbul) The governor of Turkey's capital, Istanbul, Muammer Güler, announced yesterday that schools in Istanbul would be closed on Friday, October 30, 2009 to disinfect the buildings, in the face of the rapidly spreading H1N1 influenza.  27 Aug 2009 Turkey Considering Nevruz Public Holiday Again (Anadolu Ajansi-Ankara) The government of Turkey released yesterday the outlines of its "Kurdish Peace Roadmap" which, amongst other things, proposes the addition of Nevruz as a public holiday similar to the May 1st public holiday, added last year.  24 Apr 2009 Turkey's Parliament Rejects Novruz Public Holiday Bill (Today's Zaman-Ankara) As a postlude to Wednesday's Parliamentary vote on a bill restoring May 1st as an official public holiday, it was announced that Parliament had rejected the bill that would have established Nevruz, the Kurdish new year celebration on March 21, as an official public holiday.  23 Apr 2009 Turkey Officially Approves And Names May 1 Public Holiday (World Bulletin-Ankara) Turkey's parliament has approved the bill declaring May 1st an annual public holiday, effective starting in 2009, and giving it the official name "Labor and Solidarity Day".  More News Updates For the full version of the summarized news items above, and older news items not displayed above, go to the Turkey public holidays news and updates page, or worldwide public holidays news and updates page, or subscribe to one of our free email newsletters.

Background Information

Governing Law: The list and dates of the official public holidays in Turkey are regulated by by Act 2429 of March 19, 1981 that replaced Act 2739 of May 27, 1935.  Muslim Holidays: The Islamic calendar used in Turkey is based (partially) on the results of the Conference for Determining the beginnings of Lunar Months which was held in Istanbul, on 28 November 1978, and which set forth 3 astronomical criteria for the prediction of lunar visibility: • sunset should occur after conjunction (ie. the New Moon), • an angular distance between the moon and the sun of at least 8 degrees, and • an angular distance of the moon from the horizon that should not be less than 5 degrees. In principle, these criteria were to be used by all the following countries, Bangladesh, Algeria, Indonesia, Iraq, Katar, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, but, in practice, nowadays, only Turkey and some Balkan countries follow these criteria.  Turkey International Codes TR and TUR (2 and 3-letter ISO3166 codes) and .tr (ICANN national top-level internet domain). • Other Sources of Information The following specialized websites are also a good source of Turkey information and news: Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (Turkey central bank), ASI Hot Spots (security-related world events: terrorist threats, political strife, strikes, criminal activity, aviation incidents and health outbreaks), CIA World Factbook (Turkey maps, demographics and economic statistics), the IFES (information covering upcoming elections, referenda, electoral structures and voter participation in Turkey), and Wikipedia (includes Turkey commemorative dates that are not necessarily public holidays).


Observance : Any entry in the Observance column indicates that, in Turkey, the holiday may be regional or non-official or limited to certain religious and/or linguistic groups, or begin at a time other than midnight. Note that religious holidays are included only if they are national public holidays, or if the national labour code has specific holiday allowances for employees of specific religions.


Religious Holidays : Public holidays in Turkey that are based on certain religious calendars may be subject to local variations due to differing interpretations between different religious authorities, or to seemingly arbitrary changes in the date a holiday is celebrated because it conflicts with another holiday that is based on another calendar, or because the day of the holiday is deemed inauspicious (bad luck). To find out more about these uncertainties, see the footnote below, if any, for each specific religion.


Muslim Holidays : Muslim bank holidays, legal holidays and public holidays, for Turkey, were calculated using the Diyanet Isleri Baskanligi (DIB) lunar visibility criteria. For Salat (prayer times) calculations, see our Freeware page.

In many parts of the world, holidays are subject to arbitrary, last minute, changes by local authorities. While every effort has been made to present an accurate list of 2014 bank holidays, legal holidays and public holidays for Turkey, we cannot accept any responsibility for any error or omission in the data presented above. You are therefore advised to verify the above dates with the embassy or consulate of Turkey, before planning any trip to Turkey. For last-minute updates to worldwide public holidays, visit our worldwide public holidays news and updates page or subscribe to our free email newsletters.

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