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[syyyyDayValue2] Comparative Year Number

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Use this year token if you only wish to show the year if the year is different for 2 DayValues of the current grid.


The numbers to the left and right of the syyyy are 2 different DayValues whose years are to be compared.


Note that you can replace yyyy by any of the YYyy, yyYY and YYYY combinations, and these rules will be "added" to those below.


A common use of this token is in weekly diaries, where the begin/end dates of the weeks are displayed differently if the week straddles a month boundary.


Using the following tokens :


[1Mmm] [1d] [1syyyy7] to [7Mmm] [7d] [7yyyy]


 [8Mmm] [8d] [8syyyy14] to [14Mmm] [14d] [14yyyy]


allows you to show the year of the first day of the week, only if the year changes during the week.


Dec 6 to Dec 12 1999

Dec 27 1999 to Jan 2 2000


Use filler tokens suffixes if the current token is next to a separator such as "-" or "/" and you do not want that separator to appear when the conversion of the comparative year token is blank.


See also: [MonthHeader] change of month/year tokens.