[t+] / [t-] : Ascending/Descending Days Tokens

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[t+] / [t-] : Ascending/Descending Days Tokens

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The ascending days [t+] and descending days [t-] tokens correspond to the ascending and descending counts found in many diaries. Ascending days equal 1 on the first day of the year. Descending days count the number of days before the end of the year, and are equal to 0 on December 31st.


To force the displaying of ascending and descending days over 3 digits (ie. 001, 010, 057, ...), use an uppercase "T" in the tokens [T+] and [T-]. You can also use the Length of [T+]miscellaneous GridOption to specify that the [T+] and [T-] tokens should only be padded up to 2 characters instead of 3.


You can use the [t+] token in an ordinal token. So for expample, a text sequence such as '[t+][.t+] day of the year' would convert to '51st day of the year'.


See also : Rente Days and Removing 0 Values.

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