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Compiling Macros (Testing the Syntax)

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When a macro is used during diary generation, the version of the macro used is not the source code as you type it into the code editor, but rather a compiled version of it.


Macro code is compiled, so that the syntax of  the code you have written is verified once, before any diary generation. A macro's code will be compiled:


When you request it explicitly by pressing CTRL and F9.
When you save a macro, including when you close it.
Whenever you try to test a Macro using the F7, F8 and F9 keys.


The Compiler Messages Window


The Compiler Messages Window is located at the bottom of the macros editor; it displays the list of compiler messages generated by the most recent compilation of the current macro.


Not all compiler messages are errors. Some are hints and some are warnings.


Compiler messages begin with the line number that caused them, and the word or symbol that triggered the message is usually in double quotes, as shown below.


Clicking on any of the messages highlights the line and source of the message, as shown in the example below.


To get additional help on any of the messages, simply click on it to select it, and press the F1 help key.


See also: recompile all macros, macro compiler messages and the macros debugger.


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