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[YYyy], [yyYY], [YYYY] Conditional Year Number

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Use these year tokens if you wish to display the year only at the beginning of the year, only at the end or only in the first and last months.


[YYyy] will only appear in January.

[yyYY] will only appear in December.

[YYYY] will only appear in January and in December.


Some remarks :


Do not confuse the [yyyy] and [YYYY] tokens; they are very different.

Use filler tokens suffixes if the current token is next to a separator such as "-" or "/" and you do not want that separator to appear when the conversion of [YYYY] is blank.


Use the comparative year token, if you need more options over the condition under which the year number appears than available with this token.


Topic 108848, last updated on 17-Apr-2020