Contents of Days and Weeks Headers

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Contents of Days and Weeks Headers

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To specify what, if anything, is displayed as replacement for the $$ element of MiniCalendar tokens, use the Day Headers options located at the top left of the Minicalendar properties dialog.



The char # option is used to display only part of the weekday name. A value of 1 will only display the first character, a value of 2 will display the first 2, and a value of 0 will display the full weekday name. Due to the small size of MiniCalendars, this option is usually set at 1, sometimes 3.


The using token option lets you choose from which token translation ([ddd] or [dddd]) to obtain char # characters in the preceding option. For English and many other languages, the value of the first 3 letters of the tokens [ddd] and [dddd] are usually the same, so this option has no impact. However in some languages such as Catalan, Polish and Russian, this is not the case, and this option needs to be set to [ddd] rather than the default of [dddd].


The Caps option controls the capitalization of the weekday at the top of the MiniCalendar. Setting this option to First will capitalize only the first letter (ie. M, Mo, Mon for char # values of 1, 2, and 3). Setting this option to All will capitalize the entire weekdays. Note that setting this option to None will not change the capitalization. This is not the same as making the weekdays all lowercase, since the translation of the weekday token [dddd] in the Tokens Manager may have been set to always start with a capital letter, which is the case in German.


You can also apply special formatting to the minicalendar's $$ headers and/or the @ dates.



The control on the left lets you select on which weekdays the formatting should occur, and the control on the right lets you specify the formatting to be applied.



In the examples above, the Saturdays and Sundays are set to be in bold and red.


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