Current or Other Minicalendars

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Current or Other Minicalendars

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There are 2 distinct MiniCal properties; MiniCal (current) which defines the options for the MiniCalendar that corresponds to the current month, and MiniCals (others) which defines the options for all other MiniCalendars.


Q++Studio determines whether a MiniCalendar is current or not, based on the DayValue of the MiniCal token that marks the textbox as a MiniCalendar textbox, and the setting used to define the current-ness of a Minical, in GridOptions.


If this token is a relative-month minical token, of the form [mc+00], then clearly a MiniCalendar controled by a [mc+00] token is current, and all others, such as [mc+01] and [mc-01], are not.


In the case of a fixed-month minical token, of the form [mc001]..[mc012], then a MiniCalendar will be current if the value that follows the "mc" corresponds to the month of the date of this token.


The MiniCal (Current) property is not defined for yearly diaries.


See also: Minicalendar Date Formatting Sequence and Minicalendar Previews.


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