Current Day (MiniCalendar Options)

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Current Day (MiniCalendar Options)

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You can specify that Minicalendar dates corresponding to the current day(s) should be displayed using a specific font formatting. For obvious reasons, Current Day options are only available for daily templates.


In the example below, the current date is displayed with the underline attribute.


Whether a given date is formatted using the Current Day font formatting, or not, can be adjusted using either of the following options :


All dates of spread

Checking this option will apply the Current Day font formatting to all dates of the current spread (ie. the 2 pages facing the reader at any time). In the case of a daily grid, this could be a period of 2 days, in the case of a 2 days on 2 pages diary, or 3 days in the case of 7 days on 6 pages.

Even outside days

This option determines if the Current Day font formatting should also be applied to any outside days which may be part of the current week or current spread selection of dates. In the previous examples, the left sample uses Even outside days, while the right sample does not.



Note : the Even outside days setting determines which font formatting attributes should be applied to the outside days, but it is the Outside days set of properties which determine if a given outside day will appear or not.


In some cases you may want to display a box, oval, circle, frame, ..., to highlight the current day(s), as shown in the examples below :



In such cases, you should use the Current Day options described here to specify the attributes change (if any) of the current days numbers (12 and 13 in the examples above), and the Show only on Current Day Minicalendar Modifier using one of the Alternate Font Formats.


See also : Minicalendar Paragraph Formatting.

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