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Default MiniCalendar Options

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Apart from the usual OK, Cancel and Help button, the MiniCalendar property editor has 2 additional buttons and a checkbox.


Overwrites the currently displayed MiniCalendar options with the default MiniCalendar options as set in your preferences.


The effect of clicking on this button can be reversed by closing the MiniCalendar options dialog using the Cancel button, or not saving the current Script, although in both cases you will lose changes made until then.

Saves the currently displayed MiniCalendar options as the default MiniCalendar options used when you create a new Script.


The effect of clicking on this button is immediate and irreversible.

Use the above settings for all MiniCalendars

Makes both MiniCalendar properties (Current and Others) the same as the options currently displayed. This feature saves you time and makes sure, if that is your choice, that both MiniCalendar settings are the same.


The effect of selecting either of the above options is immediately visible in the MiniCalendar preview.


Topic 107099, last updated on 01-Aug-2020