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The Display Holiday Name option allows you to specify if Holiday Name tokens, such as [fa]..[fu], whose main purpose is to display holiday names, should in fact display the holiday name, when they are processed.


At first glance, this seems like a pointless option, but, in fact this is quite a useful option.


A couple of examples:


Using an [fa] token, for example, with the also display option set to symbols, allows you to display the symbol(s) of each individual holiday, separately, rather than having all the symbols of all the a-holidays of a given date lumped together when using an [â] Holidays Symbols token.

Another example of use of the setting the Display Holiday Name option to false, is when one uses a duration holidays token in combination with the Surrounding Text/Tokens option of the Holidays (multiple) script line property, to list the dates when there are holidays, but not the name itself.


Additionally, you can use the option No Duplicates to only show each holiday name once. This can be useful when listing the holidays of many countries which may have the same holiday on the same day.


See also: examples of the use of the Holidays (display/multiple) properties.


Topic 107082, last updated on 15-Jul-2021