Flow of Dates

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Flow of Dates

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The Flow of Dates option is used to define if MiniCalendars of the current DiaryGridLine are horizontal (the usual case) or vertical.




Note that apart from the positioning of the Day Headers and week numbers, both the horizontal sample to the left, and the vertical sample to the right use the exact same MiniCalendar token.


Alignment : by default, minicalendar dates are aligned top (if flow of dates is horizontal) and aligned left (if flow of dates is vertical) :



It is possible to use the options bottom-align (if flow of dates is horizontal) and right-align (if flow of dates is vertical) :




Note that the Weekly Bands tokens positions will also be adjusted according to the settings used for alignment. Another way of achieving an alignment of minicalendars with different numbers of weeks is to use the Number of Weeks Modifiers.


Right-to-Left : this option is used to generate minicalendars whose dates run from right-to-left, usually for Hebrew or Arabic diaries.



Note that in these cases, you will probably also want to set the week start of your minicals to Saturday or Sunday.

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