Font Attributes of MiniCalendar Options

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Font Attributes of MiniCalendar Options

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You can customize the font attributes of all the categories of dates of MiniCal options. To do so, click on the button with the ellipsis of the corresponding ButtonEdit control.



The font attributes are grouped into 2 categories :


On the left

Attributes which can be set, removed or left unchanged, based on the state of the CheckBox control.

On the right

Attributes which can either be set or left unchanged.


In the above example, the settings for the current week specify that dates of the current week should be bold, and that the italic attribute should be removed (if it is present). The effect of the above settings are shown below left :




A few specificities of the available attributes :


Hor./Vert. Scale

Even though you can specify both a horizontal and a vertical scale in the above dialog, QuarkXPress will only accept one of the 2 choices. It is therefore your responsibility to only select vertical or horizontal scale, and furthermore to ensure that this choice does not conflict with any attributes currently specified in the GridTemplate.


Kerning is a property between 2 characters, not a property of any individual character. Therefore when kerning is applied to a range of characters, it is in reality applied to the first and second characters, and so on, until we reach the last character whose kerning to the following character is also set to the specified value.


This value is in percentage, where 100% corresponds to the full color, and 0% to white.


Select one of the list of colors contained in the current GridTemplate.

Change Text

Note that font attributes can also be applied to Days and Weeks headers to emphasize, in the right above example, the current week by replacing the week number by a wingding.


(XV4 only) Allows you to specify a background shade for the text (requires QuarkXPress 2017 or above).


(XV4 only) Allows you to specify a background frame for the text (requires QuarkXPress 2017 or above).



You can specify that the text should not replace the date, but should instead be prepended or appended. In this manner, and usually with a Sara to fine-tune the details, one can display, for example, flags on certain national holidays.



Most of the other attributes will already be familiar to you as a QuarkXPress user.

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