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[GenTokens] Repeated Lines of Tokens for Vertical Months

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GenTokens token replaces a series of similar token over a rang of dates

GenTokens token replaces a series of similar token over a rang of dates


GenTokens tokens are used to automate the generation of similarly repeating text, usually in monthly grids, with the possibility of changing paragraph attributes on a case-by-case basis. A typical use of GenTokens is the Leporello-style diaries.


Specifying all the DayValues of all these tokens is not difficult, but it is very tedious, prone to error, and very hard to modify in the future since the different DayValues make it hard to perform a large-scale search/replace. Also, if you are using macros, as is the case above, the row of tokens often is larger than the available space leading to hard to read grids.


GenTokens Setup in QuarkXPress


Most of the options related to GenTokens are set in the GenTokens options, but 2 aspects need to be coordinated between your QuarkXPress grid and the options of your script; tab positions and leading.


Tab positions


The first element to specify in QuarkXPress, in relation to the settings of the GenTokens options, is the set of tab positions.

As shown above, in QuarkXPress, the GenTokens token's tab positions must be set as part of the token's paragraph settings, and each tab position in QuarkXPress corresponds to one of the tab special characters of the GenTokens options.




Another element to specify in QuarkXPress, is the leading of the GenTokens token as shown below.

The generated multiple lists of tokens will be separated in the output file by return characters and, by default, these will take the leading of the GenTokens token. it is important to set the desired leading.


Additional Considerations


Some additional considerations to keep in mind when working with GenTokens.


GenTokens should not be placed on the first line of a textbox.

12 different GenTokens tokens are available; [GenTokens1] ... [GenTokens12].


You can use special character markers and macro tokens in the text used for each line, and that you can also use GenTokens inside Minicalendars.


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