Getting Help in Q++Studio

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Getting Help in Q++Studio

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Q++Studio comes with a detailed help system and tools to help you access the help topic you need. Depending on the circumstances you may want to use one or the other of the Q++Studio Help Tools.


If you want to ...

... then you can

Find out about new features

See the What's New ? section of this document, or the corresponding version on the web.

Get additional information about something you see

Use the ToolTips or Contextual Help, to get help about a specific part of the Q++Studio interface (a dialog, a ScriptLine, a ScriptLine Property, ...).

Browse the available topics

Use the Help Navigator at the left of this window.

Look for topics related to a keyword

Use the Keyword Search, to get a list of all the topics that relate conceptually to a keyword (such as "diary" or "help"), even if that keyword does not appear exactly in the topic (could be a synonym).

Look for a specific word

Use the Full Text Search to find the topics that contain a specific word (not synonyms) which you think appears in the text of the help file.

If all else fails ...

Contact us directly.


Note that this help file is constantly evolving to catch up with new features added to Q++Studio.

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