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The Muslim Calendar holiday recurrence rule type is for holidays based on the Muslim or Islamic calendar.


Based on the date of the month

The structure of Muslim holidays is almost always a month-day pair, based on a specific Muslim calendar.


End of Ramadan, Singapore

End of Ramadan, Singapore

Based on a weekday

A few Muslim holidays are based on a specific weekday before or after a month-day pair, based on a specific Muslim calendar.


Jumatul Bidah, Bangladesh

Jumatul Bidah, Bangladesh


Muslim Calendar


The holiday is calculated using the or the default Muslim calendar of the parent holidays set (or a specific Muslim calendar if the use set's default is unchecked).


Q++Studio contains the a list of the Muslim calendars used by almost all the countries where Muslim holidays are real non-working public holidays, but you can create your own Muslim calendar, if you have access to a source that lists the 1st day of each Muslim month for the coming one of two years.


See also: muslim calendars, other types of recurrence rules and recurrence rules options.


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