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Zoroastrian Holidays Rules

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The Zoroastrian holiday recurrence rule type is for holidays based on one of the variants of the historical Zoroastrian calendar system.


Parsi New Year (India)

Parsi New Year (India)

There are 3 variants of the Zoroastrian calendar system, but the Kadmi and Fasli calendars are of historical interest only, though closely related to the Persian calendar used for some of the public holidays of Iran and Afghanistan.


Currently (May 2024), only the Parsi Shenshai calendar (often simply referred to as Parsi) is currently used to determine the date of any official non-working public holidays anywhere in the world.


Holidays based on the Parsi Shenshai calendar consist of a month/day pair.


See also: other types of recurrence rules and recurrence rules options.


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