Holidays (multiple)

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Holidays (multiple)

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Property of the ScriptLine : DiaryGridLines.


The Holidays (multiple) property lets you control the way Q++Studio combines holidays and one-time-dates when more than one occurs as the result of converting a token. The tokens that are covered are [fa], [fâ], [â], as well as the Saints+Holiday token [fä]. Click on different zones of the image below to jump to the corresponding help topic.



Note that since August 2002, the display options for [:st_a] tokens have been moved to their own Saints Options property.


The options of this property also apply to holidays Range Tokens.


This property does not apply to tokens that only represent one holiday such as [Fa1] : Sequential Holiday, and [Fa11] : Conditional Holiday).


This property only controls holidays resulting from the processing of a single token.


You can define different behaviour for each of the a-e-i-o-u-Holidays.


To use this property, it is important to also understand the Holidays (display) property, as both are often used together (see the examples above).

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