Holidays and Special Dates Tokens

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Holidays and Special Dates Tokens

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Holidays tokens are used to display various attributes of any holiday that may occur on the date of that token.


The screenshot below, taken from the Holidays Manager window, shows which tokens can be used to display the various parts of each holiday (click on any of the yellow boxes to get more information about the token it contains).




The tokens of the above example are based of the use of a-Holidays. When referring to any of the other aeiou-Holidays lists, simply replace the letter "a" in the above example by either of the letters e-i-o-u. Each of the holidays tokens ends with one of the 5 vowels : a, e, i, o, u. These correspond to the Holidays Sets you have selected in the current script's aeiou-Holidays property.


Note that for all holidays tokens, you can make the entire text of the holiday appear in UPPERCASE by writing the first letter of the token (usually F) in uppercase. Using the lowercase "f" does nothing.

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