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int = iDate1InYear(anIslDay, anIslMonth, nYear)

int = iDate2InYear(anIslDay, anIslMonth, nYear)


These macro functions return the first and, eventually, second date on which an Islamic date occurs for the western year nYear.


This function is calculated using the Muslim calendar specified in the current script's muslim data property. It is therefore possible that the result of this function be different from one script to the next, if these 2 scripts use different Muslim calendars.


Use the following code to calculate the date of the beginning of Ramadan in 2021, and check if it occurs more than once in that same year.

nStartRamadan = iDate1InYear(192021)
bTwoOccurences = (iDate2InYear(192021) > 0)

See also: iDayOf, iMonthOf, iYearOf, EncodeMuslimDate.


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