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Introduction to the Q++Studio Documentation

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The Q++Studio documentation is made up of the following major sections:



Instructions on the installation of Q++Studio; server and workstations.


This section presents Q++Studio, its environment, and takes you on a tour of the basic operations performed in Q++Studio. This section is made up of: what's new?, introduction, and the Q++Studio environment.


This section, consisting of scripts, script lines and script line properties, presents scripts and their components, which are used to define all the properties of a diary in Q++Studio.

Diary Templates

This section consists of two chapters which regroups the information needed to create diary grids in QuarkXPress, and then import these into Q++Studio.


This section covers all the different types of data that are managed and used by Q++Studio: tokens (variable elements), languages, holidays, slogans, and astronomical data (Moon, Sun, ...).

Advanced Options

This section covers the 2 advanced options used for total customization of diaries: SARAs and Macros.

Tools and


Covers the various tools and utilities included in Q++Studio: user tools, thechnical support module, help tools and administration.

Messages and Appendices

These chapters cover a lot of varied reference material that is either usually accessed directly by Q++Studio's contextual help (design-time messages, run-time messages, other messages) or reference material which is not directly needed for Q++Studio, but can be of interest and use (QuarkXPress Glossary).


The topics navigator to the left of this documentation is also a good way to view the current topic in context of the entire help file. Finally, many topics can be read sequentially, like a book. Use the next topic and previous topic arrows in the header of each chapter to move to the previous/next topic.


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