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The Q++Studio on-line documentation is made up of the following major sections:



Instructions on the installation of Q++Studio; server and workstations.


This section presents Q++Studio, its environment, and takes you on a tour of the basic operations performed in Q++Studio. This section is made up of: what's new?, introduction, and the Q++Studio environment.


This section, consisting of scripts, script lines and script line properties, presents scripts and their components, which are used to define all the properties of a diary in Q++Studio.

Diary Templates

This section consists of two chapters which regroups the information needed to create diary grids in QuarkXPress, and then import these into Q++Studio.


This section covers all the different types of data that are managed and used by Q++Studio: tokens (variable elements), languages, holidays, slogans, and astronomical data (Moon, Sun, ...).

Advanced Options

This section covers the 2 advanced options used for total customization of diaries: SARAs and Macros.

Tools and


Covers the various tools and utilities included in Q++Studio: user tools, thechnical support module, help tools and administration.

Messages and Appendices

These chapters cover a lot of varied reference material that is either usually accessed directly by Q++Studio's contextual help (design-time messages, run-time messages, other messages) or reference material which is not directly needed for Q++Studio, but can be of interest and use (QuarkXPress Glossary).


In each topic, we suggest that you try to make sure that you begin by reading the entire topic, before you follow-up any links.


The topics navigator to the left of this documentation is also a good way to view the current topic in context of the entire help file. Finally, many topics can be read sequentially, like a book. Use the next topic and previous topic arrows in the header of each chapter to move to the previous/next topic.


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