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str = LunarEclipseTypeName(nEclipseType)


This macro function returns the name of the type of eclipse nEclipseType.


This function is used after a call to LunarEclipseOnDate, as shown in the code below.

nComboResult = LunarEclipseOnDate(n_TokenDate, 1)
if nComboResult > -1
    nEclipseType = nComboResult div 1000000
    sEclipseTypeName = LunarEclipseTypeName(EclipseType)
    nEclipseTime = nComboResult mod 1000000
    sEclipseTime = FormatTime('hh:nn', EclipseTime, true)
    sResult = EclipseTypeName + ' lunar eclipse at ' + EclipseTime 
    sResult = 'No lunar eclipse today'

See also: LunarEclipseOnDate, LunarOccultationOnDate.


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