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Macro Language Data Types

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In the Macro Language, all variables and literals have a type, and every built-in function or user-defined function returns a value of a specific type.


The 3 data types are:



Variables of this type have only 2 possible values: true or false.


Integer variables can take the value of any 32-bit number, which is the range from –2.147.483.648 to +2.147.483.647. Note that dates are treated as integers.


Variables of this type represent text. Note that any raw text used must be enclosed in single quotes (the code line sName=Olivier will cause a compiler message, while sName='Olivier' will compile fine).


Whenever possible, there are built-in functions to convert a value from one data type to another (eg. transforming the number 88 into the string '88').


See also: literals, type conversion functions and dates as integers.


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