Updating the Q++Studio Program (XE3)

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Updating the Q++Studio Program (XE3)

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To standard, and easiest, way to update the XE3 version of the Q++Studio main program is to use the XE3 Updater, which avoids all the issues related to UAC rights under Windows 7, 8 and 10, and downloads for you the latest updater from the web.



You can launch the universal updater by double-clicking on the corresponding desktop icon (make sure that you are clicking on this exact icon, to avoid trying to launch an older version of the updater).


If you cannot find the above exact icon on your desktop, you can launch the updater manually from:




If you cannot find the exact file Q++StudioUpdaterXE3.exe on your PC, try to copy the folder C:\Q++StudioXE3\Utilities\ from one PC where it is to the one where that folder is missing.


The Q++Studio main program updater needs to be run once per workstation.


If none of the above works, please contact technical support.

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