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The special characters token for non-breaking spaces is




Non-breaking spaces are spaces which never break at the end of a line, which is very useful when text contains names that are made up of 2 words that should always remain together (such as "Russian Federation" and "United Kingdom" in the example above.


Note that in many places, you can also use an underscore character "_" to specify where a non-breaking space should be inserted during diary generation. For example, you might specify the following text for a holiday, to make sure that the name of the country in parentheses does not get broken onto two lines, and that logically related names are always together: Adhi_Essala Poya_Day (Sri_Lanka). Using an underscore will work in all the places where you enter text in the Q++Studio dialogs (ie. not in a QuarkXPress grid).


Note that, otherwise, non-breaking spaces behave as normal spaces; for example they will expand and contract if text is justified.


See also: normal space.


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