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int = NumWeeksInMonth(nYear,nMonth, bFullWeeks, nWeekStart)


This macro function returns the number of weeks contained in a month for a given year.


nYear : is the year (4 digits); this function takes leap years into account.

nMonth : is the month (1-12).

bFullWeeks : is used to indcate if the function should return number of full weeks, or the number of weeks, even if some are partial.

nWeekStart : is the weekday used as the start of the week, values range from 1 (Monday) to 7 (Sunday).


In the examples below, nWeekStart = 7. If bFullWeeks = true, then the number of weeks for March is 4, and the number for April is 3. If bFullWeeks = false, then the number of weeks for March is 6, and the number for April is 5.



See also: NumDaysInMonth.

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