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System Information

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Use the "HELP|system information" menu to access the System Information dialog. This dialog presents information about the version of Q++Studio you are using and your recent activity. This information is presented on 3 tabs :



Displays your Q++Studio User ID (at the top left of the logo) and the Build Number of the current version of Q++Studio that you are currently using. Additionally displays file information about the executables and libraries that make up Q++Studio and which are installed on your system.

What's New ?

Contains information about the latest modifications and features contained in the version of Q++Studio installed on your PC. Note that this file is installed as part of the Q++Studio Updater and does not rely on you having installed the latest version of the help file.


Displays the log trace of Q++Studio activity, and application errors, on your PC today. This is the information that is being sent to Q++Studio technical support every night.



You can also access the Q++Studio Web site directly from this dialog.

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