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At the core, Q++Studio is a very smart search and replace program specialized in the creation of diaries in the QuarkXPress file format.


What Q++Studio does

What Q++Studio does not do

Intelligent replacement of the tokens placed in GridTemplates. For example Q++Studio will know, depending on the context. whether the token [1Mmmm] should be replaced by "Lundi" or "Monday" or "Tuesday", ...

Q++Studio will not design the GridTemplates for you inside QuarkXPress. You will be able to use GridTemplates without knowing QuarkXPress, but to create new GridTemplates you will need familiarity with QuarkXPress. However, you are not left on your own; this manual and the Q++Studio Help file contain chapters guiding you through the process of creating GridTemplates and pointing out some of the common mistakes.

Q++Studio can also delete objects based on token rules.

Q++Studio saves its work in scripts. This means that the "search and replace" routines produced in Q++Studio are reusable, and highly structured (hence the name script).

The script structure allows Q++Studio to make copies of the original file and interpret differently the tokens in each copy of the original file. For example on one page Q++Studio will replace [1d] [1Mmmm] by "25 October", and on the next page it will replace it by "1 November".

Q++Studio Tokens are linked to data tables covering all the data usually associated with diaries (translations, holidays, moon phases, …).

All the data and tools necessary to create diaries are contained within Q++Studio (hence the name IDE for Integrated Development Environment).

Q++Studio will not translate the text in information pages. While it may appear that Q++Studio translates tokens (for example [1dddd] into "Monday" or "lundi" depending on the language selected), it is really only doing a text replacement. Q++Studio has no concept of syntax, grammar, etc…

Generally, all the features of Q++Studio are geared towards the creation of diaries. You do not have to fiddle with Q++Studio to make it work for diaries; it was designed from the start to produce diaries.


The core functionality of Q++Studio exists in all the versions of Q++Studio.


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