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QuarkXPress Preferences

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Property of the ScriptLine : BookFormat.


This property lets you specify override settings for the QuarkXPress Document Preferences that are used in your diary's output file. As can be seen from the screenshot below, the options of this property correspond to the Character tab of the dialog that appears in QuarkXPress if you use the menu sequence Edit/Preferences/Document.



Each option in the dialog above corresponds exactly to the one in QuarkXPress. The only new option is Use Quark's default document preferences which is the default setting. The only point worth noting here is that this mean that the document preferences used will be those of the internal version of QuarkXPress, not the one you usually use to edit documents. Usually, any changes you have made to the default document preferences will have been made to the external QuarkXPress, not the one sed to generate diaries.


There are 2 ways to ensure that the default document preferences of the internal QuarkXPress is the same as that of the external QuarkXPress. The first way is to manually open the internal QuarkXPress from the Tools menu and change the preferences there. The other way is to set your scripts' Update Quark Preferences property to true, and make sure that the option Never Update Quark Preferences is set to false in the Preferences Dialog.


This property has meaning only if you are using Q++Studio with QuarkXPress 4.0 or above.

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