Incorrect Missing Font message when opening output file on another PC or Mac

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Incorrect Missing Font message when opening output file on another PC or Mac

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When opening a Quak Xpress file, you may encounter a message, such as the one below, informing you that the file you are about to open contains fonts not installed on your PC. Usually this is because one or more of the GridTemplates used in your diary were created on a Macintosh using fonts that indeed are not installed on your PC. In these cases, when the file is brought back to the Macintosh used for imposition, the message disappears.



However there are cases where you still get this message when opening an output file on a Mac (or another PC than the one used to generate the diary) and the font that the message refers to is not used anywhere in your diary.


This is due to the the Default Style Sheets used by the document preferences of QuarkXPress. To correct the problem, open the Tools menu from within the Q++Studio Main Window and then select Launch Internal Quark. Then from within the QuarkXPress main window, make sure that no file is open, and then use the Edit/StyleSheets menu.



Select the Normal style sheet, and you will see the mystery font. Click on the Edit button to change this font to a font that is installed on all the PCs and Macs that you may use to print or impose your diary files, and close QuarkXPress. This procedure must be repeated on every PC that is used to generate diaries.

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