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click on any property to navigate to its help topic

click on any property to navigate to its help topic

QuarkPages ScriptLines are used to insert plain QuarkXPress pages into a Script.


By "plain" we mean that Q++Studio will not try to scan these pages for tokens, it will simply copy them, as is, into the output file.


This usually corresponds to information or notes pages, as shown in the example, further down.

On the right is a screenshot of the properties of QuarkPages scriptlines, as displayed in the properties inspector. Click on any of the properties in that image to navigate to the corresponding help topic.


The principal property of QuarkPages is the Quark File which tells Q++Studio which file to use.


The "selected pages" property allows you to select only some of the pages contained in this file. The values of the properties Quark page count, times repeated and total page count are displayed in the corresponding ScriptLine of the scripts editor.


You also can choose to have the text of the label property appear in the scripts editor, or the Quark File file name chosen. This behavior is set, for each individual user, through the miscellaneous preferences.


All the standard ScriptLine manipulations can be used on QuarkPages ScriptLines.


Additionally, when a QuarkPages scriptline is selected, additional functions become available, some directly from the ScriptLine Toolbar and some via the pop-up menu that appears when right-clicking on a QuarkPages scriptline.


Preview: Use this button or menu item to display a small image preview of the QuarkXPress file underlying the selected ScriptLine.



Note how pages that are not part of the Selected Pages are clearly identified as such (above right).


Open File: Opens the file underlying the selected ScriptLine in QuarkXPress.


Re-inspect: Re-inspects the Quark file underlying the selected ScriptLine.


Clear Quark File Link: Tells Q++Studio that the selected QuarkPages ScriptLine does not refer to any QuarkXPress file (this is the state when you create a new script or add a new QuarkPages scriptline).