Importing Recurring Holidays

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Importing Recurring Holidays

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The goal of importation of recurring holidays from an Excel file is to :


Import the holiday name, abbreviation and associated symbols.


Supply a simplistic recurrence rule for that imported holiday.


To import recurring holidays from an Excel file, make sure your Excel file contains the information Q++Studio expects in the columns where it expects to find it :


Column A : Date (the year can be any year, only the month and day matter).


Column B : Holiday abbreviation.


Column C : Holiday symbol.


Column D-E-F-... : Holiday name (see the import dialog for more info).


When entering dates into your Excel file, make sure you enter a date as 1/1/2001 or 3-5-2001, not as free text. To be sure of using the proper format, make a copy of the Excel template file :




located in your c:\qpp\Import\ folder, and use that copy to enter data (or do a cut/paste from another Excel file into that one.


Then use the More... button of the One-Time-Dates tab of the Holidays Manager, and select the Import from MS-Excel menu item. The Data Import From Excel dialog then appears :


1.Select an Excel file (the dialog accepts both the XLSX file extension as well as the traditional XLS file extension).


2.Use the preview to tell Q++Studio at which line to start the import (make sure you do not include title headers in the rows selected for import).


3.IMPORTANT : If the dates you see in the preview are 4 years earlier than what you are expecting to see, then this is due to the way the Excel file was saved on the Macintosh. Click here for more information.


4.Check the Convert Text to Symbols checkbox, if appropriate. If this option is checked, Q++Studio will replace the text contained in column D, by the corresponding symbol character(s), based on the special font you have specified as the Symbol Font of the current Holidays Set. Most of the time you will want to check that option, but to be sure, look at the result of checking/unchecking that box, and select the setting that produces the results that "look right" in column D (either as plain text or symbol fonts).


5.Click on the IMPORT button. Once importation is complete, a dialog will come up informing you of the number of recurring holidays successfully imported.


Don't forget, once the entire process is completed, that you must verify the proper rule for each holiday imported, either from a list given to you, or using the Holidays Rules Wizard, since a holiday appearing in the imported Excel file as "April 2, 2002", will be imported with the fixed date recurrence rule "every year on the day of April 2", although this rule may actually be based on Easter.

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