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void = Reset_FindNextHolidayOnDate()


This macro function moves the holidays table cursor back to the beginning of the table, and prepares its index for subsequent calls to the function FindNextHolidayOnDate.


Below is an example of the use of the function FindNextHolidayOnDate to iterate over all the holidays of nHolSetID on nDate.

// get all the holidays of nHolSetID on nDate
sRESULT = ''
// move the table's cursor back to the beginning
// look for all holidays on same date
while FindNextHolidayOnDate(nDate,nHolSetID)
   sRESULT = sRESULT + chr(13) + GetHolNameFromTable()

See also: FindNextHolidayOnDate and Reset_GetNextDateForHolidayId.


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