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The special characters token for a right indent tab is (not to be confused with the &t regular tab token).




Right indent tabs are useful for displaying two text streams in the same box while allowing one to flow. The right indent tab produces justified text, but instead of the spaces expanding to fill the available space, here it is the tab that expands to keep normally spaced text aligned left and normally spaced text aligned right.


The image on the right shows a textbox with a right indent tab separating the holidays token from the moon phase token.


The results are the same as if we had set a tabulation at the right of the box.


The advantages of the right indent tab over the use of a regular tab are:


We did not have to open the Tabs dialog and specify the exact position of the right aligned tab.

Most importantly, if we re-size the above textbox, the right indent tab will keep on positioning text to the rightmost edge of the box, while a normal tab would have to be reset to account for the new width of the textbox.


You can use right indent tabs on the same line as other normal tabs, but the right indent tab must be the last tab on the line, and there can only be one right indent tab per line (as delimited by a return, not just text wrapping around).


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