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[h1] Schedule Hour Tokens

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The schedule hour tokens are used to show different starting/ending hours, for the same GridTemplate, in different scripts.


The allowed tokens and values are:


[h1] .. [h24]

possible values range from 0..24

[hh1] .. [hh24]

possible values range from 00..24


You can further customize the appearance of text for am and/or pm by supplying a translation, for any given language, for the tokens [:am] and [:pm].

Important: Make sure to always preface this token with a DayValue (eg [1h12] rather than [h12], for example), otherwise the first "h" will be treated as a LanguageTag.


The suffixes 1..24 do not correspond to 1am to midnight; they correspond to the Nth hour of the day, as defined in GridOptions. Note that if you set the first hour of the day to 8, in GridOptions, then the token [h1] will give 8 (the first hour) and not 9 (as 8+1).


Topic 107080, last updated on 19-Apr-2020