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Diary Generation Options

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The Diary Generation Options dialog appears just before generating a diary.


These options are used to override the diary generation options properties contained in the Generation Options property. Also, some of these options are not script-related but user-related and cannot be set elsewhere.


These options are divided into 5 different groups, each placed on a different tab of the above dialog:



These options give you a quick access to the current diary generation options, as a whole, and determine the final attributes that the generated QuarkXPress file will have.

During / After

These options are used to tweak the way Q++Studio behaves during and after diary generation.


These options are used to tweak the way QuarkXPress behaves during diary generation.


These options are used whenever you want to only test part of a script, or when you are getting unexpected results or encountering an unexpected Quark crash.


Additional advanced options used to troubleshoot unexpected results or unexpected Quark crashes.


If you want any of the above settings values to be standard for all new script created in the future, then you can change the default values of all the diary generation options that correspond to ScriptLine Property by going to the execution preferences.


Partial Diary Generation


While building and testing a script, it is often convenient to generate only some parts of the script.


If you have a script containing many ScriptLines, and you are concentrating on getting one particular grid, then you can choose to only generate a single scriptline.


Alternatively, if your script contains hundreds of pages, but nothing special happens after the front pages and the first few pages of the main grid, then you can choose to only generate the first X pages of the diary, or generate X pages only starting at page Y.