Text Attributes Editor

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Text Attributes Editor

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The Q++Studio Text Attributes Editor is used to customize the font attributes of text that has specific meaning (for examples of its use, see Minical Options).



The font attributes are grouped into 2 categories :


On the left

Attributes which can be set, removed or left unchanged, based on the state of the CheckBox control.

On the right

Attributes which can either be set or left unchanged.


In the above example, the settings for the current week specify that dates of the current week should be bold, and that the italic attribute should be removed (if it is present). A few specifics:


Shade : This value is in percentage, where 100% corresponds to the full color, and 0% to white.


Color : Select one of the list of colors contained in the current GridTemplate.


Change Text : Replaces the textual part of the text with different text.


You can specify that the text should not replace the date, but should instead be prepended or appended. Most of the other attributes will already be familiar to you as a QuarkXPress user.


If the Text Attributes Editor is launched from the Minicalendar Options Dialog, then an additional option, Behavior, appears. The possible values for this option are:


Append Cumulatively: As Q++Studio evaluates the conditions for each set of options from top to bottom then left to right, each additional set of formatting options is added cumulatively.

Reset All Options: All options are reset to those of the current dialog, but subsequent options (running from top to bottom then left to right) are still added to the options of the current dialog.

Ignore All Other Options: The only options considered are those of the current dialog.


More details are presented in the topic Understanding Minicalendar Formatting Options.

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