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Select a City by Name or Country

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To select a city by its name or that of its country, use the RadioGroup at the top left of the Select City dialog.


select by city name

select by city name

select by country name

select by country name


Entering a name, or even part of a name, will filter the database, and the resulting set of cities will be displayed in the grid below, displaying the number of cities matching the filter (in the example below, a country name beginning with fra).



You can click on any of the column headers to sort according to that column's contents, and a second click reverses the sorting order. Note that the sorting order used is the ASCII international sorting order, whereby accented letters are placed at the end of the alphabet (ie. after Z). Therefore cities such as Århus (Denmark) and Ålesund (Norway) will always be found at the end of the list of cities, and not with the letter A as non-Scandinavian users may expect.


You can also use the * character as a wildcard character at the beginning or the end of a string. For example, using the string *bal* in the City search field would yield a list of all the cities that contain bal anywhere in their name.


Note that you can also select a city geographically.

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