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The Paragraph Formatting Dialog - Formats

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The Formats page of the paragraph formatting page control is used to specify the appearance of individual lines; how their text is displayed and how lines are distanced from and grouped with the lines before and after, and corresponds to the Paragraph Attributes dialog of QuarkXPress.


In this topic we will concentrate on the differences between the Formats page in the Q++Studio page control and the same page in the QuarkXPress dialog.


The measurements are specified using the powerful mesurements editors which can save you a lot of time when setting up a GridTemplate. If you are not familiar with the properties of these edit controls, click on their link to learn more about them.

All measurements, except for leading, are in millimeters, by default, unless you have specified another type of measurement units in the Book Format Preferences.

Q++Studio does not know the dimensions of the textbox to which these attributes will be applied, therefore it cannot check if the values you have entered are correct (for example, right indent).

H&J use the Standard settings. For the use made of paragraph attributes in Q++Studio, there is no need to specify hyphenation and justification (these settings are used in Q++Studio for single line paragraphs most of the time).

The Language is set to U.S. English which will not make any difference to your output, even if the rest of the diary uses a different language (the Languages settings in QuarkXPress are only used for automatic hyphenation, which you should never use anyways).


Note that this page can be set to use the same corresponding attributes as those of the original token, by un-checking the Override Formats of original token checkbox located at the top of the page.


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