What's New in Q++Studio ?

This file is based on the XE3 Build 20097 of 17-jan-2019.

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What's New in Q++Studio ?

This file is based on the XE3 Build 20097 of 17-jan-2019.

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January 19, 2019 (build 20097)




Improved the usability of the specific dates property editor (drag and drop to add or remove a date and double-click on a date to add it to the list of fixed dates).

The user interface of the slogan rules property editor has been fully re-designed.




Fixed a UI glitch in the scripts editor which would have the type name of a ScriptLine extend over the description of the particular ScriptLine, such as 1w/2p for a DiaryGridLine (17-jan-2019).

Added code to gracefully recover when encountering a corrupted bitmap or PNG preview of a Template or set of QuarkPages (Blueline, 15-jan-2019).

Some dialogs would straddle 2 screens on dual-monitor systems (10-jan-2019).

Fixed a dates array whose memory was nor being fully re-initialized each time a GridTemplate was being re-scanned, causing ghost dates to be used in insertion rules, in some extremely rare cases of removing dayvalue marker tokens from a template into which another template was being inserted, and which contained no tokens on any page other then the first (Nippecraft, 8-jan-2019).

Fixed a small memory leak that would occur when changing the list of the exceptions of a recurring holiday (5-jan-2019).

Fixed an extremely rare exception that could occur after re-scanning a template, due to a partially initialized array (4-jan-2019).



December 31, 2018 (build 19999)




Q++Studio is compatible with the December 2018 Update of Quark 2018, which offers full support for Indic scripts.




The topic on Saints/Namedays and Saints/Namedays Options have been fully re-written.

The opening of the MiniCalendar options dialog has been sped-up by the optimization of the search for MiniCalendar Weekly Band tokens. In addition the reason why these options may be disabled is made more explicit.

The first day of the week of the date navigator of the MiniCalendars Preview is now updated whenever the WeekStart setting of the displayed MiniCalendar options is changed.

Added a new Diary Generation Option, Keep Quark Visible, which does not hide QuarkXPress during diary generation. This is useful in cases when QuarkXPress seems to freeze, without any error message or visible crash, to show any Quark modal dialog which may be waiting for a response and therefore blocking further processing.

The holidays sets of the Worldwide Public Holidays Database now show the corresponding national flag.

Started a major review of the online documentation, using more up-to-date screenshots and illustrations and cleaning-up text that may be out of date. We expect this review to be completed by the end of April 2019.




Fixed a filtering error when opening the Holidays Explorer with the Restrict to the years option (Ruho, 24-dec-2018).

Fixed some UI glitches of the Minutes and No Time controls used in the Moon and Sun Options property editor (23-dec-2018).

Fixed a further case of the rare occurrence of a spurious message that states that the selected Sara Set is not in the database (19-dec-2018).

The Maximum Number of Lines or EOM setting of GenTokens Options did not work as designed and has been fixed and renamed as Number of Lines / EOM (18-dec-2018).

Fixed the spurious occurrence of the message about GridTemplates needing to be re-scanned or Quark Files needing to be re-scanned which could be generated spuriously if the QuarkXPress file was last scanned while the user's computer was in summer time, and now is not, or vice-versa (Zettler, 08-dec-2018).

Fixed the extremely rare occurrence of a spurious message that states that the selected Sara Set is not in the database, if the name of that SaraSet is blank (6-dec-2018).



November 30, 2018 (build 19888)




The TeamViewer support module is now based on TeamViewer 14.




When inserting weekly grids into a monthly grid, if the monthly grid covered only one month but had more than 2 pages, then the Do not split grid property of the monthly template would be ignored (Blueline, 27-nov-2018)).

Fixed an error which would occur when trying to set a frame point size of more than 2,56 pts (23-nov-2018).

Fixed a spurious, but inconsequential, warning message, introduced in build 19788, and which would, under Quark 2016-2017-2018, be generated if aligning Macro or SARA pictures top-left (23-nov-2018).

In the Templates Explorer, if after filtering the list of templates, the previously selected template is not part of the filtered result set, then the templates detail panel is hidden to avoid the confusion due to the details of the previously selected template being still visible (Nippecraft, 20-nov-2018).

The pop-up link to the Server Configuration menu item of the Database Server's tray icon would not open as the "++" in the server path would be mangled by the HTML parser (17-nov-2018).

Added a message to warn about missing DLLs in some versions of the Quark 2018 installers (Alpha Edition, 6-nov-2018).



October 31, 2018 (build 19762)




Q++Studio is compatible with the Quark 2018 October 2018 Update release 2.

Q++Studio is compatible with the Quark 2018 October 2018 Update initial release (but you should update to release 2).




Added code to remove trailing tabs and blanks at the end of the month when using single-line minicalendar tabs and the:tab modifier. These trailing tabs and spaces at the end of months could cause unwanted text overflow.

The layout (text and images) of pages of the Q++Studio web-based help now sizes better on 4K and other high resolution monitors..




Fixed some text alignment UI glitches in the One Line Minicalendars Special Tabulations dialog (19-oct-2018).

In some rare occasions, during Holidays Synchronization, some of the Holidays Name Variations that were already present would not be picked up (Brunnen, 7-oct-2018).

The macro function IsInsideMonth would return false for all months except the first month of multi-month grids (Zettler, 5-oct-2018).



See also: release notes for previous years.

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