What's New in Q++Studio ?

This file is based on the XE3 Build 19377 of 06-jul-2018.

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What's New in Q++Studio ?

This file is based on the XE3 Build 19377 of 06-jul-2018.

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July 17, 2018 (build 19377)


New and Improved


Nothing, yet, this month.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed the rare spurious occurrence of message 181955 (3-july-2018).

Fixed a minor UI glitch whereby, if some of your PlainQuarkPages were based on a QuarkXPress file of a version different than the Quark version used on your PC by Q++Studio, then the options proposed in response to clicking on message 15016 would misleadingly offer to re-scan and re-inspect all the QuarkXPress documents of the current script, even if only one template needed re-scanning (2-july-2018).



June 30, 2018 (build 19354)


New and Improved


Q++Studio is compatible with the recently-released QuarkXPress update QuarkXPress 2017.24 (13.2.4 build 29282).

The Holidays Synchronization now keeps any Holiday Name Variations that were in your holidays names but are not in the Q++Samples Holidays.

Added a design-time message to warn you if one of your SARAs is blank, which can cause speed problems and/or unwanted wholesale text formatting changes (at best) or a Quark crash (for textboxes containing a lot of text).


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a UI glitch in the SARAs interface, whereby the fact that the selected SARA was based on a regular expression would sometimes not be indicated by a clInfoBk background color (30-june-2018).

Spurious messages would be emitted if a template had zero-length Arabic text runs and Kashida processing was turned on (28-june-2018).

The <DELETE> holiday name variation marker might in some cases be ignored depending on the variations that followed it in the list (25-june-2018).

Fixed a bug in the copying of SARAs from the database when the current SARAs Set was empty (23-june-2018).

Fixed some UI glitches in the SARAs interface; the UI would not be properly updated when deleting a SARA and speeded-up the copying of SARAs from the database (18-june-2018).

Insertions of pages within templates that are neither left or right sided would occur twice for each insert date (Croxley, 17-june-2018).

The Turkish Capitalization setting would be ignored for user-defined tokens (Alpha Edition, 3-june-2018).

The Grid Extent for daily grids spanning 7 days within a number of pages that is a multiple of 7 (for example: 7 days/7 pages, 7 days/14 pages, 7 days/21 pages) would be calculated for entire weeks rather than for the exact number of days spanned by the Begin Rule, End Rule, thus leading to a higher estimated page count, although the actual generated number of pages was correct (Alpha Edition, 3-june-2018).



May 31, 2018 (build 19242)


New and Improved


The log messages for SARAs that are replacing any text of a specific formatting by another formatting, now specify, for each message, what text was changed, when using Quark 2016 or above.

Added a message to alert you if there is a spurious Q:\ drive on the server.

Both the XE3 and XV4 versions of Q++Studio support QuarkXPress 2018, officially released on May 16, 2018.

Improved the detection, during scanning, of objects that are fully off the page.


Fixed and Corrected


The application server would not be automatically updated after an update of the main program.



April 30, 2018 (build 19161)


New and Improved


Both the XE3 and XV4 versions of Q++Studio now support the latest beta 6 version of QuarkXPress 2018.

Improved the clarity of the messages being generated if scanning fails due, usually, to an overly-aggressive, or improperly setup, anti-virus.

Both the XE3 and XV4 versions of Q++Studio support the latest beta 4 version of QuarkXPress 2018.


Fixed and Corrected


Nothing this month.



March 31, 2018 (build 19012)


New and Improved


The Frame size of Minicalendars and Macros Resulting Actions can now be specified to 2 decimals (eg. at 0.25 pts for example).

Added the None (transparent) color to the available box background and frame options.

The XE3 branch of the present Q++Studio documentation has been created.

By including "HYPH" (in uppercase, without the double-quotes) in the name of one or more H&J assets, you can now specify that these H&J assets should keep hyphenation even though you are using the recommended default Remove Hyphenation diary generation option.

Both the XE3 and XV4 versions of Q++Studio support the recently-announced QuarkXPress 2018.


Fixed and Corrected


The SARAs Editor now opens much faster, in particular over slow networks, and in particular over WAN and internet connections (18-mar-2018).

If the holidays generation dialog was closed before starting to generate holidays, then the date of the holidays generation would be updated, even though no generation had actually occurred (15-mar-2018).

If your technical support email parameters were set to Save attachments as ".z" files and some of your attachments were larger than 5 MB, then some of the spanned ZIP files would be missing from the tech support email sent out (10-mar-2018).

Settings of frame attributes via Macros were being ignored since the changes made for Quark 2018, a few weeks ago (Letts, 6-mar-2018).

Fixed an error which would occur when trying to set the default values of GridOptions in Preferences (Brunnen, 5-mar-2018)



February 28, 2018 (build 18821)


New and Improved


Q++Studio is compatible with the recently-released QuarkXPress update QuarkXPress 2017.21 (13.2.1 build 29267).


Fixed and Corrected


Changed the database navigator of the Sara Sets Manager, due to problems encountered by users trying to create new Sara Sets or rename them (Zettler, 13-feb-2018).

Fixed an error that would appear when displaying the Plain QXD Inspection Messages dialog if any of the messages did not refer to any specific page, as would be the case for messages warning about locked layers (Zettler, 12-feb-2018).

Fixed the spurious appearance of message 179135 when using a negative holidays response token (Zettler, 12-feb-2018).



January 31, 2018 (build 18731)


New and Improved


Launch of the beta version of the new XE3 version of Q++Studio.


Fixed and Corrected


No warning would be issued for undefined colors of false Resulting Actions of Macros or the Default Line Ending of GenTokens (25-jan-2018).

No warning would be issued if the Paragraph Formatting settings of Minicalendar Options contained either a color not used in any of the Script's templates of an undefined GridOptions color (Hamelin, 24-jan-2018).

Highlighted dates would be offset by a day in the Minicalendar Options' All Dates of Spread, if the Grid Options'  was set to Automatic (JMata, 19-jan-2018).

Fixed a rare case where an Insert would not appear the second time a Script was previewed, without re-opening the Script (JMata, 17-jan-2018).

Trying to rename a Script in the Scripts Explorer could sometimes fail due to the Scripts table not being open (Alpha Edition, 9-jan-2018).



See also: release notes of previous years.

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