What's New in Q++Studio ?

This file is based on the XE3 Build 20680 of 20-apr-2019.

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What's New in Q++Studio ?

This file is based on the XE3 Build 20680 of 20-apr-2019.

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As of April 1st, 2019, all the chapters and topics of the help and documentation have been fully revised, with updated and expanded text, and all new screenshots, based on the latest version of Q++Studio running under Windows 10 (over 2200 topics and 1300 images).


April 21, 2019 (build 20680)




The generated output files are now saved, closed and re-opened, before performing the check for text overflow, to ensure that the generated file has been fully internally updated by QuarkXPress, and that no spurious text overflow messages appear.

The individual pages of the script preview now display the label of PlaceHolders, and the file name of QuarkPages, centered and wrapped on multiple lines (instead of a single, potentially truncated, line as was the case before).




Fixed the spurious occurrence of message 179730 which would occur if some formatting was to be applied to all tokens, regardless of their type, such as in setting some formatting for outside days in the monthly outside days section of Grid Options, but when the token is one of the image tokens whose text will be ignored as the textbox is changed to a picture box (JMata, 20-apr-2019) .

Any very large single Xtags instruction (over 4096 bytes) could cause QuarkXPress to abort diary generation (Brunnen, 11-apr-2019).

The error message displayed in the macro interruption dialog would, under certain circumstances, be stripped of its most important information, leaving a generic error message (Brepols, 5-apr-2019).

If the result string of a holidays response token contained one or more tokens, which themselves contained a colon, such as specific holidays sets modifiers, then that colon would be mistaken as the beginning of a duration suffix (Zettler, 4-apr-2019).



March 31, 2019 (build 20545)




Over the past 4 months, all the chapters and topics of the help and documentation have been fully revised, with updated and expanded text, and all new screenshots, based on the latest version of Q++Studio running under Windows 10 (over 2200 topics and 1300 images).




Added code to slow down the importation of large plain Quark files (files of over 20 pages), to allow any anti-virus to catch-up with the importation process, and the creation and deletion of temporary files (although this should not be necessary, if your anti-virus and firewall are setup as specified here).

The find and change fields of the saras definition window now use a fixed font to make these 2 strings easier to read.

Added a space after bullets point bullets in the help preview of the diary generation messages dialog.

Added code to prevent trying to scan or generate if some files are missing from your QuarkXPress installation.

Improved the layout of the log generated by the worldwide public holidays updater.




Fixed a bug that would neglect the number of days per template in the calculation of the start and end date, when inserting a daily grid (Blueline, 27-mar-2019).

The holiday copied back from the holiday rule wizard would not have the ID of the incoming holiday rule, leading to an assertion error when trying to save that holiday (20-mar-2019).

The updater now pro-actively replaces missing DLL files in the QuarkXPress 2018 installation folder due to a problem in the 2018.21 upgrader (19-mar-2019).

Added code to gracefully handle failed connections to the FTP server (19-mar-2019).

Fixed a bug in the saving of the backup purging settings of the server settings, whereby the weekdays, and first/last of the month, settings would not be saved, and would always revert to their defaults (Lecas, 12-mar-2019).



February 28, 2019 (build 20339)




Messages from the LogMessage macro function were being displayed as errors in the diary generation messages dialog.

Fixed a few UI glitches of text controls not being aligned with each other, in particular in the holidays recurrence rules.




Tokens using DayValues of 0 would be mistaken for tokens of weekly grids inserted in a monthly grid (28-feb-2019).

The tooltip variable evaluation of the macro debugger would not find the correct variable under the mouse cursor, for long lines, and if you changed the size and font used to display macros (27-feb-2019).

Block indenting in the macros editor would add a spurious tab character at the front of the last line (27-feb-2019).

If a holiday used in a conflict rule was subsequently ignored, then the warning message 173490 would be properly triggered, but the interface of the holidays manager would not identify the conflict rule as being broken (26-feb-2019).

The secondary indices of multiple index macro tokens, used in the text on left or text on right fields of multiple holidays options or moon phases display options, would not be identified and listed in the macros property editor (Lecas, 25-feb-2019)

Calling the macro functions Assert and RaiseError with the parameter bAbortScript set to true would not abort the script; it would just keep logging the errors until the end of the script (12-feb-2019).

When re-opening the breakpoint editor of the macros debugger, the previously-selected variable would no longer be selected (9-feb-2019).

Fixed a couple of UI glitches in the macros editor. When pressing F3 in the macros editor, an unfiltered list of functions would be displayed, instead of one limited to function of the right type, and the parameter list of void functions would be truncated (9-feb-2019).

Fixed a rare bug which would occur when using the tab character insertion minicalendar modifier, with a split minicalendar whose first half did not have trailing empty positions (JMata, 7-feb-2019).



January 31, 2019 (build 20151)




Q++Studio is compatible with the January 2019 Update 14.2.1 of Quark 2018.




Improved the usability of the specific dates property editor (drag and drop to add or remove a date and double-click on a date to add it to the list of fixed dates).

The user interface of the slogan rules property editor has been fully re-designed.




Added code to force QuarkXPress to always insert pages of non-facing pages output files on a new spread (Grieg, 30-jan-2019).

Fixed a UI glitch in the scripts editor which would have the type name of a ScriptLine extend over the description of the particular ScriptLine, such as 1w/2p for a DiaryGridLine (17-jan-2019).

Added code to gracefully recover when encountering a corrupted bitmap or PNG preview of a Template or set of QuarkPages (Blueline, 15-jan-2019).

Some dialogs would straddle 2 screens on dual-monitor systems (10-jan-2019).

Fixed a dates array whose memory was nor being fully re-initialized each time a GridTemplate was being re-scanned, causing ghost dates to be used in insertion rules, in some extremely rare cases of removing dayvalue marker tokens from a template into which another template was being inserted, and which contained no tokens on any page other then the first (Nippecraft, 8-jan-2019).

Fixed a small memory leak that would occur when changing the list of the exceptions of a recurring holiday (5-jan-2019).

Fixed an extremely rare exception that could occur after re-scanning a template, due to a partially initialized array (4-jan-2019).



See also: release notes for previous years.

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