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Width of facing pages documents is limited to X inches

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The present message indicates that either the width specified for a page of your current script's output file is larger than the allowed limit of QuarkXPress.


The cause of this message, and possible solution to it, depend on the version of QuarkXPress that you are using to generate the current script.


QuarkXPress 2015-2023


Since QuarkXPress 2015, facing pages spreads cannot be larger than 224 inches. This represents more than 5 and a half meters, and is highly unlikely for a diary or calendar. Therefore the present message usually means that you typed in too many digits, and you should correct this value.


QuarkXPress 8-10


When using QuarkXPress 8-10, facing pages spreads were limited to 48 inches (122 cm), meaning that each page of a script using the facing pages generation option, is limited to a width of 24 inches (61 cm). To get around this limitation, you can turn off the facing pages generation option, which doubles the allowed size of each of your pages, or to move to QuarkXPress 2015-2023.


Topic 178600, last updated on 28-Apr-2022