Writing Macros in the Code Editor

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Writing Macros in the Code Editor

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The Code Editor occupies the top left part of the Q++Studio Macros Editor. As you type code, Q++Studio constantly parses it to identify keywords and literals. It then changes the font attributes and/or color accordingly. This is called syntax highlighting.



This highlighting scheme is as follows (otherwise noted, the font color is black) :



Keywords are displayed in bold. This includes var, begin, end, if, endif, for, endfor, while, endwhile, break, continue.

Compiler directives

Compiler directives are displayed in bold purple, on a greay background.


Comments are diaplyaed in italics and in green.


Literals are coloured according to their data type. Booleans are in bold grey, integers in red, and strings in blue.



The next sections cover the use of the code editor features to write code more efficiently.

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