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[M], [Mm], [MM] Partial Month Name

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These month tokens are used to display only a part of the current month name.


[M] displays the first letter of the weekday.

[Mm] and [MM] display all the other letters.


For example, on November 10, in English:


[M] = N.

[Mm] = ovember.



These are mixed source tokens and, as such, their value will depend on their translation in the tokens manager.


Using the value of [ddd] instead of [dddd]


To base the conversion of either of the present tokens on the value of the [mmm] token rather than the [mmmm] token, append the :sh modifier to the end of the token. For example: [Mm:sh] and [MM:sh]. The use of [M:sh] is also possible, but it is rarely used, except for languages where the first letter of the month names differs from the short to the full version of the name.