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All Dates

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Read-only property of the ScriptLine: International and Inserts.


All Dates is a property that gives you an overview of the special dates generated by properties of the current ScriptLine.


When this dialog appears, it displays the year corresponding to the year property of the BookFormat ScriptLine. You can move the displayed dates range using the scroll buttons, and clicking on any of the highlighted dates displays the name of the holiday occurrence(s) for that date.


Highlighted dates have a different meaning depending on the type of ScriptLine.


In the case of the International ScriptLine, the highlighted dates correspond to dates on which there is a holiday for any of the a-e-i-o-u Holidays sets selected. Clicking on any of the highlighted dates brings up a hint window showing the date, and all the holidays that fall on this date, preceded by the abbreviation of the corresponding Holidays Set (if any has been set).


In the case of an Insert ScriptLine, the highlighted dates correspond to any of the dates when an insertion will occur, as defined in the specific dates, repeating dates, and variable dates properties of the same ScriptLine.


You cannot edit this property.

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