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Arabic at Design-Time

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Adding Arabic support at design-time


To add design-time Arabic support to QuarkXPress and Q++Studio:


1.Make sure you have updated Q++Studio to the most recent version.

2.Specify the versions of QuarkXPress for which you wish to add design-time Arabic support in the QuarkXPress page of the preferences dialog.

3.Install Arabic UI Support from the Tools menu (if using Windows 7 or above, please see the following topic).

Modifying output files containing Arabic


The installation of Arabic design-time support, as described above, add a new Arabic menu item at the bottom of the QuarkXPress Utilities menu, as shown on the right.


The 2 Arabic Tag menu items should only be used at the suggestion of technical support.

The Reflow Text menu items can be used if you change the font of some Arabic text in your output file and need the font-dependent ligatures to be applied.

The Reflow Kashidas menu items can be used if you change the font of justified Arabic text in your output file, or change the width of its containing textbox, and need the kashidas to be re-calculated and re-applied.

The Arabic H&J menu items would be used in a grid to set the H&J of a token whose result should have kashidas.