Arbitrary Dates Holidays Rules

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Arbitrary Dates Holidays Rules

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Arbitrary Date holidays are the last recourse, whenever a rule is too complicated or cannot be predicted. As the word "arbitrary" indicates, there are no rules. All you do is supply Q++Studio with a list of date(s) when this given holiday occurs.


Royal Ploughing Ceremony (Thailand)

Royal Ploughing Ceremony (Thailand)


Some important points to remember :


You do not need to supply a date for every year, but if you know that an arbitrary dates holiday does not occur every year, then you should uncheck the Occurs every year checkbox. Otherwise you will get warnings about missing arbitrary dates.
You can supply as many dates as you wish within the same year.


The use of the Add and Delete buttons is self-explanatory, however there are two points to note :


Whenever you click on the ADD button, the calendar is moved forward 1 year. It therefore make sense to enter arbitrary dates in chronological order to take advantage of this shortcut.

Double-clicking on a date in the calendar is equivalent to clicking on the ADD button

The Modify button applies the date shown on the calendar, to the currently selected date.


Note that, although Q++Studio cannot automatically generate holidays based on arbitrary dates rules, it will verify that you have set a date for any year that a DiaryGridLine refers to, so that you do not forget to add arbitrary dates for the years covered by each script.


See also: Recurrence Rules Options.

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