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Begin Rule, End Rule

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Property of the ScriptLine : DiaryGridLines.


This property is used to set a rule for the begin/end dates of a diary. For example : always on January 1st or the Monday before January 1st (for dailies) and the week of January 1st (for weeklies). The actual date that results from the rules for the current year is given by the read-only property Start For, End For.


This property is one of the key properties which allow you to re-use a script from year to year, with almost no modification, apart from changing the Year property. It is therefore important to use its features to the fullest.


If the current DiaryGridLine is part of an Insert block, then the property which determines the begin/end dates is "Insertion Rule".


Whether a Template is treated by Q++Studio as daily/weekly/monthly or yearly is determined by the structure you set when you scan it. The same GridTemplate can be used as any of these, depending on the options used in the Templates Manager.


The property editor which allows you to edit this property is different for daily and weekly and monthly and yearly Templates.

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