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Code Completion

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The code editor puts much time-saving information at your fingertips, through its Code Completion feature. Make sure you use it, it will save you time you would have spent searching for the information, and time correcting misspelled variable or function names.


To insert the name of a variable at the cursor position, press F2. A list of all available variables appears, including the ones you defined and the system variables.



Select the one you wish to use and press ENTER. If you are not sure about some system variable, select it and press F1 to get specific help.


To insert the name of a built-in function, place your cursor at the insertion point and press F3. Again, to get help on a particular function, select it in the list and press F1.



When you insert a function using code completion, Q++Studio inserts the function name along with the list of the arguments that this function expects. These arguments are highlighted in yellow, and if you place you cursor on them, the use of F2 or F3 will only bring up a list of variables or functions of the corresponding data type.



For example, if your cursor was over a highlighted "int" parameter and you pressed F3, the list that came up would only contain functions that return an integer value, saving you the time needed to scroll up and down a longer list. Note that in all the above cases, you can have the inserted variable or function replace some previous text, by selecting some text before pressing F2 or F3. If no text is selected, then the variable or function will be inserted where the cursor was.

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